Suzanne Tapper profile
Suzanne Tapper

  • Masters Degree (Distinction) Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Honours graduate of leading complementary medicine research centre, Western Sydney University
  • Creator of the Fertility Breakthrough Method (TM).
  • Over 24 years private practice experience.
  • Graduate of the Canadian College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Vancouver Island
  • Current board member of Acupuncture Now Foundation, New Zealand
  • Past research committee advisory board member for the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine
  • Past lecturer for 10 years at Christchurch College of Holistic Healing/NZCCM
  • Former South Island regional representative for New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists
  • Published peer reviewed author

From around 2002 increasing numbers of patients began asking Suzanne to help them with their fertility challenges. In 2005 and 2006 she decided to explore this growing part of her clinical practice further. As a result she achieved a Masters Degree with Distinction from world leading complementary medicine research centre, Western Sydney University, in which her research design explored the use of Chinese herbal medicine to improve fertility. Subsequently she began being invited to speak at conferences for medical fertility practitioners and acupuncturists as well as being asked to meet with fertility clinic staff to educate them about her work. She has been an invited speaker at the Australasian Fertility Nurses Christchurch conference; a women’s health panel member for her peers at the Acupuncture New Zealand annual conference;  an invited speaker to staff at Fertility Associates, Christchurch and Genea Oxford, Christchurch.  Needless to say her work with fertility medicine continues to grow.

Suzanne finds fertility medicine an exciting specialist area to work in due to the vast amount of research occurring and her genuine passion for thinking outside the box to help solve patient fertility challenges. Using the Chinese medicine system alongside functional medicine tests she has developed a method to identify treatable suboptimal health patterns affecting fertility that are not routinely tested for. Those are what she loves helping people to overcome, to help them achieve their baby dreams. Treatment may include Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary advice, acupuncture, lifestyle modification or an integrated medicine approach. Suzanne also provides treatment during pregnancy for various pregnancy related issues, general health maintenance and labour preparation.

Consultations with Suzanne are conducted either in her Christchurch clinic or online. The wonders of modern technology allow her to work while she travels to be with her internationally mobile family.