gluten and fertility

Gluten And Fertility

What You Need to Know About Gluten And Fertility There have been a number of discussions in recent years regarding gluten and fertility.  Some claim that a gluten free diet will help increase one’s chances of getting pregnant, while others say there is no real effect at all. As with many foods, there is no…

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Basal temperatures charts can be used as an ovulation calculator

Basal Temperature Charting

Learn the best way to basal temperature chart An ovulation calculator or calendar can be a very useful tool in a fertility acupuncture or Chinese medicine clinic. Charting your basal temperature everyday of your cycle – including through menstruation – can give a practitioner some really useful energetic information about your hormones and gynaecological health.…

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NZ Journal of Acupuncture discussing the fertility melatonin relationship

Fertility Melatonin Relationship

Fertility melatonin relationship – a published journal article about a Chinese medicine perspective. Medical research is exploring the supplementation of melatonin during IVF cycles. It is primarily being researched for its antioxidant effects on the body. However, melatonin is a hormone well known for helping to set our body’s natural daily rhythm – called the…

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Chinese Medicine Fertility Treatment Improves IVF

Chinese medicine fertility treatment better than embryo transfer acupuncture. Utilisation of a comprehensive Chinese medicine fertility program appears to improve fertility significantly. Many studies have focused on minimal acupuncture treatment around embryo transfer, but this is not how Chinese medicine fertility treatment would be practiced in a typical clinic setting. Although we have seen some…

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Chinese herbal medicine shown to numerous fertiliy factors.

Chinese herbal medicine for infertility

Chinese herbal medicine research for infertility Increasing numbers of studies are demonstrating the effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) for infertility problems. Various studies have shown positive effects of CHM on ovulation and luteal phase insufficiency. Other studies show immune related infertility is improved with CHM. Preliminary treatment with CHM may also improve IVF and…

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older maternal age considerations

Older Maternal Age Help

Older maternal age requires a different fertility approach Part Three In the first and second articles of this mini series about the Heart, I talked about the relationship between our emotional interpretation of our environment and our reproductive hormones. I also told you this correlated with the Chinese medicine relationship of the Heart to reproduction. Today I’m…

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