Suzanne is super busy taking care of people like you who need her help. So the best and easiest way to book with her is right here using the online booking system.

Make sure you choose the correct option in order to ensure optimum time and resources are allocated to you. If you haven’t seen Suzanne in the past 2 years please schedule yourself as a new patient so enough time is available to properly evaluate your current situation.

If you can’t see a time that works for you, use the Waitlist option and someone will be in touch to clarify details.

Online Fertility Programs & Treatment Plans: Please check plan details and availability here.

ACC and work injuries: Suzanne is not currently taking new ACC or work place injury patients.

If you would like more information:

  • our preference is for you to Email A Message to us using the message box in the lower right corner.
  • otherwise phone 3848589 and leave a voice message.

See you soon!