Suzanne Tapper - Integrated Fertility Specialist


About Suzanne

Suzanne has been treating patients with fertility issues for many years, with help and advice based on evidence-based research and Chinese medicine wisdom.

Suzanne has specialist training in fertility and gained a Masters degree with Distinction in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in this specialist area of research.

Suzanne's expertise in the area of natural fertility treatment is widely recognised:

Fertility presenter at the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Women's Health seminars and panels
Invited speaker at the Australasian Fertility Nurses annual conference in Christchurch
Invited presenter to staff at the Christchurch Fertility Medicine Clinic, Fertility Associates
Invited presenter to staff at Genea Oxford's private fertility clinic, Christchurch
Good working relationships with both Christchurch fertility clinics to share relevant information for patients' benefits
Producer and presenter of Suzanne Tapper's Fertility Support Webinars 

What The Research Says

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese medicine diet and lifestyle principles have all been shown to improve fertility. Acupuncture combined with Chinese Medicine nutrition and lifestyle therapy prior to and during IVF has been shown to improve the number of pregancy and live birth outcomes.

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Online Packages & Programs

Having trouble getting or staying pregnant? Suzanne's videos equip you to boost your own fertility. Use them to create a good foundation for your fertility planning. Add email support and live video consultations with Suzanne for a comprehensive personalised plan including health and fertility progress monitoring.


Fertility Blog            

Read a reservoir of insights, knowledge and experience that Suzanne shares to help you boost your own fertility with an holistic blend of Acupuncture, Chinese-Medicine nutrition and lifestyle therapy. Suzanne's blog articles teach you fertility tips based on modern research and centuries of well documented wisdom.


What Suzanne's Clients Say


I came across Suzanne after a wee Google search for acupuncture and natural medicine clinics close to home. Ironically, a good friend of mine had also signed up to see her – and I quickly learnt Suzanne was (is) a very sort after woman!
I had been through two miscarriages – both different but equally as upsetting. I was looking for someone to help us get pregnant and stay pregnant. I received that – but I also received a genuine friend. Absolutely, Suzanne is a bundle of skills and knowledge – but possibly most meaningful for myself was her resolute confidence and trust in us falling pregnant, carrying a baby and delivering a healthy child.
Suzanne became someone I could have a giggle and a sob with, and someone who provided advice I valued and hope I carried closely. My sessions also helped with my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) – becoming a dedicated time for relaxation and offloadingI would say Suzanne listened to a fair few of my records on repeat (sorry!) – her professionalism and gentle nature on the receiving end, never dulling. I have also needed medication for my OCD, and not once have I felt any pressure for accepting or investigating Western medications, quite the opposite. 
Suzanne is a gem – and I highly recommend her services and support.

- G, Christchurch

"I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made throughout my entire journey to conceive...I saw her [Suzanne] every week for over a year and her constant support, compassion and endless knowledge about fertility and Chinese medicine helped me through a very difficult time...

My sessions with Suzanne were a little sanctuary away from the world where I could relax, unload my concerns and fears and talk to someone I felt really understood what I was going through, before she would work her magic to strengthen my body depending on what was going on with me that particular week.

Eventually I went through IVF and Suzanne bent over backwards to support me and made herself available for additional appointments that I needed to help boost our chances of a successful transfer and conception......

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture and Chinese medicine. For me personally, she was an absolute life-saver!"

- 33-year-old-woman, Christchurch