• Want to learn how to help yourself on your fertility journey?
  • Unable to come to the clinic?

Suzanne’s online “Improve Your Fertility” resources are:

  • designed for those of you who want to learn more about what Chinese medicine says you can do for yourself to help with fertility.
  • accessible whenever suits you
  • available for your personal use as often as you need
  • are based on well researched information from the history of Chinese medicine, clinical experience and modern research

The Fertility Diet video webinar, and included support resources, was the first released in a series – and it’s getting great reviews.

The Fertile Lifestyle is Suzanne’s most recent production – check out the details below.


Chinese Medicine Fertility Diet

Chinese Medicine Fertility Diet

“Suzanne’s rich experience as an educator and practitioner shines through this webinar. The content offers practical, well researched, tried and time-tested recommendations for enhancing fertility using Chinese medical principles. Suzanne’s expertise as both lecturer and practitioner with over two decades clinical practice to share, offers the viewer easy access to specialist knowledge. Her simple advice gives people immediate support for restoring the vital forces and functions essential for preparing the body for fertile growth in pregnancy.”

Price:$50.00 NZD

The Fertile Lifestyle Webinar

The Fertile Lifestyle Webinar

Research shows being out of sync with your body clock can be a factor in infertility. Learn about the Chinese medicine body-mind connection associated with different organs that influence fertility. Find out what your body may be trying to tell you and how to respond.

Price:$35.00 NZD

Duo Package

Duo Package

Did you know that Chinese medicine lifestyle and diet principles have been shown to improve IVF outcomes? A full Chinese medicine approach improves fertility and IVF outcomes significantly more than just acupuncture alone. Yes, it’s true – this Chinese medicine wisdom improves health and fertility. If you are serious about improving  your fertility health, your […]

Price:$70.00 NZD

Suzanne Tapper, Natural fertility specialist.

Remote Follow Up Consultation

A private follow up consultation for those who have already had a personalised fertility plan consultation.

Price:$85.00 NZD