Please remember herbal formulas are prescribed according to Chinese medicine principles and are specific to you. They may not be the right formula for someone else – even if they have the same condition. Please check with Suzanne if you are tempted to order for someone else 😃 Please email us if you can’t find a product you have been prescribed or if you order has not arrived within 2 business days after your date of order.

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This amino acid may be important for some men and women to take for healthy sperm and eggs. It needs to be prescribed specifically for certain presentations.

Arginex 180gm


An amino acid called arginine. It is often prescribed to help improve sperm and egg quality.

ChinaMed Anti-tox


An antiviral and anti-biotiic formula. This formula can be used on its own or with others.

Combine it with CNF if you have a cold. Or use it for a short time on its own as an immune booster if you are around sick people.

It’s not intended to be used long term so check with Suzanne, either in your clinic session or via email, if you are unsure whether it is right for you.

ChinaMed CNF


Formerly called Cold ‘n Flu this is for early stage colds/flu. Symptoms are likely to include runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache.

If you have swollen glands use Xiao Chai Hu Wan.

If you are around sick people but aren’t symptomatic, use Anti-tox.