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The Golden Month


Golden Month is about the care of mothers after childbirth. It highlights the importance of the post-partum as a unique rite of passage for the mother, which involves a period of rest, nurturing and support. It is an invitation to families and communities to do what they can to support the mother in the six weeks following childbirth, to ensure the wellbeing of mother, baby and the immediate family.

This book is both an exploration of traditional practices and a practical guide to good preventive healthcare in the postpartum. It combines the insights of modern Western and Chinese medicine and the wisdom of traditional cultures to find a common set of practices which support the mother on all levels. The postpartum stories of mothers around the world feature strongly throughout the book.

A good postpartum experience offers the mother an opportunity to recover her health at her own pace and make the transition to motherhood during a period of time which is unpressured and happy. For this to happen, those around her must not only give her practical help so that she can rest and eat well, but must also honour her, for her achievement and for the courage it takes to give birth and become a mother. In the traditional Maori view she is ‘the canoe’ which conveys humanity from one generation to the next, and this role is given the sacred status it deserves.
“The new mother is treated like a queen!” This is a common description of mothers’ care in traditional cultures around the world, from Asia to Africa, Europe and South America. How to achieve this for all our mothers is the essential message of the book.

“I am very confident that Golden Month will be of enormous benefit to women, regardless of their background or culture” Paddy McBride. MHSc (TCM). President, New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc

“Too often women feel challenged to expect too much of themselves when they most need care and attention. This book is an excellent reinforcement to that other voice of reason that needs to be heard in postpartum care” Dr Suzanne Cochrane, lecturer in Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of Western Sydney.



For those who have been diagnosed with a sub-clinical hypothyroid presentation. Healthy thyroid function is important for pregnancy maintenance.

Ultra Flora Restore, DF 60 caps


A dairy flora restore pro-biotic formula. Particularly good to use after having a course of anti-biotic medication or if you have digestive/bowel issues. Assists in restoring the levels of normal friendly bacteria. Vegan. Free from Nuts and Seeds. Free from Soy protein. Lactose free. Gluten free. Dairy protein free.

Xiao Chai Hu Wan


Particularly indicated for acute or chronic presentations that include swollen glands. Check with Suzanne about dose as it can vary depending on whether you have a chronic or acute problem. Other formulas may also be used in conjunction with it.

You Gui Wan


Please note there is a different formula called ZUO Gui Wan. Make sure you are ordering the correct one.