Late 30’s

“I first saw Suzanne when I was planning on trying to get pregnant and wanted to maximise my chances of conceiving, particularly as I was in my late 30’s……. I am forever grateful for the fantastic support Suzy gave me through this period – not only physically but emotionally as well…..I recommend her to all my friends that need that extra help with fertility – thanks Suzanne!”


Amenorrhea and IBS

“Having experienced IBS and amenorrhoea (irregular/ absent menstrual periods) since my late teens, I knew when I wanted to conceive it would be a difficult road. I am now 30, and for the past few years have tried fertility treatment and other approaches unsuccessfully…..

Thanks Suzy for your support, guidance, skill and professionalism. You have certainly helped restore the notion that the human body is capable of overcoming hurdles if sent in the right direction.”


Elite Athlete and Amenorrhea

“I was involved in sport at elite level for 10 years. As a result of the intensity of my training my menstrual cycles first became irregular and then stopped altogether. When I retried from my sport I was 30 years old and my husband and I were very keen to start a family.

However, a year after I had stopped training and competing I still wasn’t ovulating. I tried mainstream fertility treatment for eights months without any success, a friend then ……referred me to Suzanne.

From the first session I found Suzanne to be friendly, positive and professional… and I will happily recommend her.”


Unexplained Infertility

“As a healthy, young 33-year-old woman with no apparent fertility problems I assumed I would get pregnant naturally and very quickly… I have tried so many different natural therapies to help me get pregnant. … (Suzanne’s)  constant support, compassion and endless knowledge about fertility and Chinese medicine helped me through what was a very difficult time for me…….



I learned a raft of tools to help me cope with infertility and also practical steps that helped me feel more in control of the situation … which helped me cope with the stress and anxiety of the endless cycle of hope and disappointment each month.

My sessions with Suzanne were a little sanctuary away from the world where I could relax, unload my concerns and fears and talk to someone I felt really understood what I was going through, before she would work her magic to strengthen my body depending on what was going on with me that particular week.

…… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone … For me personally, she was an absolute life-saver!”

Grateful 33 year old

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

“When I first started seeing Suzanne I had hypothalamic amenorrhea (no period) for several years since coming off the pill, my hormones were in a mess and as a result my skin and energy levels were less than optimal. Suzanne’s professional advice (included) diet, lifestyle, herbs and acupuncture treatments … (her) professional and holistic approach to treatments also gave me a lot of emotional support during this difficult time. I finally got my period back and soon after fell pregnant. I credit my healthy pregnancy and natural birth of our gorgeous daughter to the preparation I put in … both before and during pregnancy.”


Secondary Infertility

“Dear Suzanne! Thank you so much for kicking us off on the journey for Baby 2 after 4 years!”

Gratefully, Olivia


“I came across Suzanne after a wee Google search …Ironically, a good friend of mine had also signed up to see her – and I quickly learned Suzanne is a very sought after woman! I had been through two miscarriages – both different but equally as upsetting. I was looking for someone to help us get pregnant and stay pregnant. …..Absolutely, Suzanne is a bundle of skills and knowledge – but possibly most meaningful for myself was her resolute confidence and trust in us falling pregnant, carrying a baby and delivering a healthy child. Suzanne became … someone who provided advice I valued and hope I carried closely…Suzanne is a gem – and I highly recommend her services and support.”


Tried For 5 Years

“We were desperately trying to have a baby… We’d had a couple of losses.. It was a big, massive rollercoaster of a time… We worked with Suzanne to create our gorgeous girl. We used herbs, supplements and got the moral support we needed to keep going. It was a really great approach. Having the right people around you will get you through. We are grateful, very, very, grateful. Thank you.”



“I came to see Suzanne …with regards to endometriosis…They couldn’t remove it and said I may have trouble having children. I was on tramadol and codeine for pain relief.. but it got to the point where they didn’t have much effect. My Dad was the one who put me onto Suzanne. He found her on the internet.”


A Huge Journey

“I am forever grateful for all your care, support and guidance through all the stages leading up to the arrival of my precious wee girl. It certainly was a huge journey! You have been just incredible and I appreciate everything that you have done for me. I can not thank you enough. You are truly amazing. I still can not believe how lucky I have been.”


Wanted Natural Help

“Thank you for all of your help and support through my journey into motherhood. I always looked forward to my appointments and getting great advice from you. I’m sure I will be in touch to see you again.”



“Yes, a roller coaster of a journey for this one for sure! But worth the wait and all the tears for sure. She’s such a cruisey, easy baby. Just wonderful. Thank you for being part of my journey and helping me so much along the way xxx”

Victoria W

testimonial from a client with endometriosis


After the misdiagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome and 5 years of being on the pill due to  cramps, nausea, headaches, bowel issues, irregular periods and crippling mood swings, I was finally diagnosed  in June 2018 with stage 3 Endometriosis. Post diagnosis little to no sustainable solutions were given, aside from more artificial hormones to suppress the Endometriosis and make life ‘livable’. 


From June-November 2018 my life went on hold. My symptoms of Endo were debilitating and my university degree suffered. However I believed that this was what life was like with Endometriosis and all it could be, with nothing other than ‘band aid’ solutions. Heading into my second lap in which was meant to be a mere check up, devastating news occurred. Within just 4 months my Endometriosis had grown back to stage 4.  More severe than ever, whilst being on what was considered a solution to help prevent this from happening. 


After being provided the only option of induced menopause at the age of 20, I decided to reach out to Suzanne. I will forever be thankful for her support and help in educating me about my body and hormones. Suzanne took my concerns and dreams to one day have a family seriously, and helped  me to support my body instead of suppressing it, resulting in my symptoms being the best they have ever been.


Exactly a year on post diagnosis and after working with Suzanne, my third laparoscopy showed no sign of any Endometriosis! An incredible contrast compared to last year. Thank you Suzanne for showing me that Endometriosis does not have to rule my life and I can be healthy and happy whilst having this disease. 

Hannah Mac

Tried For 7+ Years

“It’s still all a bit surreal and we can’t believe he’s here safe and sound after all the years! Thank you for all your involvement in helping us achieve our beautiful little boy Suzanne. Your wealth of knowledge and support through a very difficult time was invaluable. The level of care you give is unreal. It is obvious that you are very passionate about your job and I love your excitement when you are given the good news and all your hard work pays off! Thanks again Suzanne. I can’t wait for you to meet him!”